Book of Faith
Open Scripture. Join the Conversation

One promising way to invite folks in your community to become more deeply engaged with the Bible is to provide opportunities for members of your congregation or organization to share with others some of the ways the Bible has been important to them or touched their lives through the struggles or joys or demands of life. Take time at meetings or in church services to “dwell in the Word” either through listening to one person’s story or testimony or through a group exploring a text together.

Congregations are invited to engage in conversation that centers on one biblical story that they identify as their defining story. People in congregations will discover and explore their story together over an extended time. Throughout the process of naming and exploring this story they will ask questions about their own stories as a congregation and a community. The hope is that extensive engagement with their chosen passage will help the congregation to form their identity as a missional community, to deepen their practice of faith, and to live out their specific vocation as called and a sent community of disciples.

To get started, Download the Story Matters.

Story Matters (PDF)
25 Possible Biblical Stories (PDF)
Story Matters Summary (PDF)
One page Book of Faith Summary (PDF)
Story Matters Welcome (PDF)

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Road to Shalom Workshop Script  (PDF)
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Dwelling in the Word Introduction (Video)
with Andrea Dubler
with Roy A. Harrisville III
with Steven Loy
with Marcus Miller
with Anne Svennungsen
Judith Tutt-Starr