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Friday, April 21 at LSTP (Philadelphia, PA) Friday, April 28 at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN)

From Lutheran Study Bible (Augsburg Fortress)

Martin Luther on the Bible

How Luther Read the Bible
Law and Gospel in the Bible
Is the Bible the Word of God?
Discerning the Scriptures
Scripture Interprets Itself
Scripture for the People
Chronology: Luther and the Bible

The Small Catechism
A Simple Guide for the Book of Faith
Lutheran Glasses: Diagnosis, Cure, Medicine
The Trinitarian Heart of the Bible
The Sacramental Scripture: God Revealed in Flesh
Turning the Bible Loose on Us
Luther's Seal and Daily Blessings

Lutheran Insights that Open the Bible
The Word of God
Understanding the Bible
Five Key Lutheran Principles
Some Final Words